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Microwave/grill combo (model MWG9115SL)

Consumer Complaint of EMERSON RADIO CORPORATION Emerson Microwave Ovens

Purchased Microwave/grill combo (model MWG9115SL) and like many other people Like many other people (http://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/emerson_microwave.html) had a very dangerous and potentially deadly issue with it! There is a screw holding the heating element to the roof of the unit and after awhile of use it starts sparking causing a burn in the roof of the oven that just gets worse over time! I had thought I heard popping noises before and just assumed it was whatever I was cooking but the other night I noticed a plastic/electrical burning smell, tried to turn the microwave on again and it started sparking from the roof down (that's what the popping noise had been all along!!!!!) and investigated and sure enough there it was... a HUGE charred mark all around this exposed metal screw!! THANK GOD I caught this before it caught fire or worse!!! I am not the first person to have this issue by a long shot. I think it's completely negligent of the company not to do a recall on these!!! Does someone's house have to catch fire before anything is done to fix this?!!!Emerson customer service keeps giving me the runaround because my warranty is expired but I feel it shouldn't matter if the product is DANGEROUS. I refuse to PAY to ship it back to them. Something should be done about this.

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Microwave Ovens

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Incident, No Injury

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Rhode Island

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