Shark Product Complaints and Product Recalls

Date of Product Complaint


Product Complaint Company

Euro-Pro Operating LLC

Product Complaint Brand


Product Complaint Model Number

G1462 10

Consumer Complaint of Euro-Pro Operating LLC Shark Clothing Irons

Product Info: "Shark" clothes iron. Model G1462 10, ser # 3175337 purchased about 4-6 months ago.While ironing clothes my wife stood up iron on board and it started sizzling. At first I thought it was from water running onto the iron, but then realized the sizzling noise was coming from within the water compartment area. About 3-5 seconds later smoke started coming out from between the body and the iron portion. We unplugged it and have not used it since.

Product Complaint Type

Clothing Irons

Product Category

Home Maintenance and Structures

Product Sub Category

Laundry, Fabric Care & Sewing

Product Complaint Code


Severity of Product Complaint

Incident, No Injury

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Euro-Pro Operating LLC Response to Complaint about Shark Clothing Irons

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